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By Crystal Griffin

LinkedIn is indisputably the place where professionals go to network with each other, and if B2B marketing is your brand’s lifeblood, you need to be there, too. According to LinkedIn’s own stats, a whopping 82% of B2B marketers claim their LinkedIn campaigns are more successful than campaigns on other platforms. 

LinkedIn will always have a higher cost per lead. They’ll be the first to tell you that. However, the advantage of LinkedIn leads is that they’re typically warmer than those coming from Facebook or Instagram. Good news: LinkedIn’s website offers step-by-step guides to getting started. Even better news: we’ve got some time-tested tips for creating the perfect strategy.  


Remember that people use different platforms for different reasons. Instead of catching up with friends and family, laughing at memes, or shopping, people usually come to LinkedIn with business already on their mind. That’s why LinkedIn is one of the best places for B2B opportunities. 

Does that mean you should scrap your other campaigns? Not so fast. There are huge benefits to running campaigns on multiple platforms. Those cheaper (but colder) Facebook leads present a great opportunity for setting up a retargeting audience. It’s also great to have your target audience see your ads in multiple places. There’s an old marketing rule of 7: a potential customer needs to see a message at least 7 times before they’ll take action. 

Targeting audiences on more than one platform can help boost the chances that your ad will be seen, but be mindful of the fact that people might follow you on more than one platform. Try to make at least one offer exclusive to LinkedIn members. 

LinkedIn isn’t a platform where results happen fast. Patience is key. To get any decent data, you should expect to run a LinkedIn campaign for at least three months. 

It’s best to always have four ads running. They don’t need to be unique ads. In fact, LinkedIn is a perfect place for simple A/B testing. For example, you could use the same image but change the headline, or vice versa. This would count as two different ads, and LinkedIn’s performance metrics make it easy for you to tell which version has the most reach. 

Speak to the needs of your target audience. LinkedIn loves to say that 4 out of 5 users hold decision-making power in their company. Make sure your ads are addressing pain points and conveying relevant messages in a simple, straightforward way.

Hashtags can help you reach people outside of your network, but use them sparingly. Two or three should do the trick.

Are people interacting with your posts? Lucky you! Engagement is enormously influential. Always answer questions and reply to comments.

More questions on your mind? Get in touch! We’re always happy to talk.      

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