Facebook’s Move to Meta: We’ll Get Through This Together


By Tyler Brewington

On Oct. 28, 2021, Facebook Inc. announced it was rebranding as Meta, a move that points to Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for building the metaverse, a digital world accessed via virtual reality headsets and other reality-augmenting technologies. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp aren’t undergoing radical changes just yet, but we’re definitely witnessing the earliest stages of the internet’s newest iteration.  

In some ways, the metaverse is already upon us. Online games and gaming platforms, like Fortnite and Roblox, allow users to interact with each other in virtual worlds, and Instagram and Snapchat filters give users the option to augment their reality, at least in terms of appearance.   

But what does all this mean for digital advertising? And how is C Squared Social prepared to help navigate this new frontier?

Wherever people are, advertising is sure to follow. It’s too early to say exactly what an expanded metaverse will look like, but C Squared has long been at the forefront of analyzing digital marketing trends, reporting on analytics, and making sure ad campaigns are running as smoothly as possible on all available platforms. 

Advertising on Facebook has always been tricky. Interest-based targeting is bound by a variety of restrictions that are designed to prevent advertisers from discriminating against specific segments of the population. 

But, as with any well-meaning rule, intentions don’t always make a smooth transition to practical application. For example, if a trucking company is looking to hire CDL drivers, is it really discriminatory for a lead form to ask potential drivers about their CDL status?

The rules have changed before, and they’re bound to change again. What’s reassuring about working with an agency like C Squared, though, is that we’ve weathered similar storms. The privacy-enhancing features of Apple’s recent iOS 14 upgrade, for example, forced us to work around new restrictions on data sharing, ad personalization, and performance reporting.

We make it a point to work with third-party data partners who are just as adaptable and ready to pivot as we are, which means we’re always ahead of where people are congregating online –– and know how to get your message in front of them.

Whether it’s sales, conversions, lead generation, or more traffic to your website, marketing goals in the multiverse are likely to stay the same. C Squared’s devotion to testing and thorough performance analysis are constant, too. See you in the future!  

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