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We sat down with C Squared Social’s Marketing and Strategy Director, Katerli Crail, to chat about how Blueprint is transforming the way companies select a marketing partner.

Why revamp your marketing efforts in Q1? Simple: new year, new marketing. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to work with a digital marketing agency. You’ve done your due diligence, researched digital marketing agencies, and now you’re asking the big questions. Do they know my industry? Will they understand my audience? What’s it like to work with their team? Will they nail the creative direction? 

This is where the C Squared Social Blueprint comes in. Our Director of Marketing Strategy, Katerli Ponce, explained how the Blueprint is revolutionizing the way brands choose a marketing partner. “It is a custom document that includes brand direction, ad strategy, audience segmentation, social media feed designs, and more,” she explained. “We want brands to see and understand our approach toward their marketing before deciding to move forward with C Squared.”

Blueprints are an excellent way for you to see what our team could do for you before committing to a lengthy contract. “Each customer can expect a thorough discovery process where they will get to know the C Squared team and discuss challenges, opportunities, direction, and current strategies,” said Katerli. The specialists on the marketing team do a deep dive into your brand to fully understand your marketing needs before building your Blueprint.

Katerli challenges you to stop and really think about the current RFP process. C Squared has left the “outdated…templated ‘all talk, no action’ plan” far behind. Blueprint is the answer to all your questions before you sign a contract. “It’s the foundation to a successful partnership.” Once we deliver your Blueprint, every asset is yours to keep whether you choose to use your inhouse team or move forward with our execution.

“It’s a great product for every business,” Katerli said. “Whether you’re a new and emerging business or an enterprise level company.” It allows you to see a clear path for your marketing. If you choose to work with C Squared, it’s full steam ahead. Your campaign will launch quickly with the force of a seasoned agency behind it. Partner with a team who works to understand and achieve your goals. Be confident in your digital marketing with a C Squared Blueprint.

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