Have Questions? Our Digital Marketing Pros Have Answers


Have marketing questions? We have answers! Our digital marketing professionals sat down to discuss some of the most frequently asked marketing questions.

FAQ: What is SEO and why does it matter? 

Improving the quantity and quality of organic search results begins with search engine optimization (SEO). The purpose of SEO is to increase visibility on Google and get your website to the top of the page. When users search for a particular topic or keyword, websites with optimized content, structure, and coding rise to the top. 

“SEO is one of the most important forms of digital marketing a business can do. By dominating the rankings for search terms that are important and relevant to your business, you will be able to attract clients that may be new customers to the industry, or were buying from competitors.” – Jace, SEO Analyst

FAQ: What is A/B testing?

A/B testing, or split testing, is an easy way to compare two ads and collect data on what performs best. This can improve conversions, measure bounce rates, and optimize your marketing campaign. 

“Have a couple of ideas for a specific ad but don’t know which one will perform better? A/B testing lets you change a singular aspect of an ad like the call to action, color scheme, copy, creative, and other variables to find out which one does the best.” – Justin, Senior Digital Marketing Analyst

FAQ: What is the best channel for generating quality leads?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for generating quality leads, but our marketing experts understand the trends across industries. 

  • E-commerce: Instagram and YouTube offer a visual platform to showcase products.
  • B2C: Facebook and Twitter allow you to reach a wide audience.
  • B2B: LinkedIn helps you build relationships and share industry-related content.

FAQ: Is email marketing still effective?

Marketing experts give that a resounding YES! According to Hubspot, there’s an average return of $36 for every $1 spent on email marketing. It’s cost-effective, raises brand awareness, generates relationships, and increases sales.

“With social media algorithms making it increasingly difficult to stand out, email marketing provides a direct and effective channel to connect with your subscribers.” – Hannah, Content Strategist

FAQ: What is the best color to use in a marketing campaign?

The best color to use in a marketing campaign depends on your product, brand, target audience, and message, according to our marketing experts. Bold colors like red, orange, and yellow immediately attract attention and intrigue a consumer. Blues, purples, and neutrals are often used to convey trustworthiness and familiarity. Think of brands you interact with and the effect their color scheme has. 

FAQ: Does spending more money on marketing lead to better results?

Our Senior Manager of Business Development, Lou, says it best. 

“Spreading your budget too thin with digital marketing means you’ll get lost in a competitive market. Spending more money on marketing, especially up front, allows you to understand your target audience quicker and shortens up the learning curve of a campaign leading to results quicker.” 

FAQ: How quickly can I see success with Google Ads?

With the right team of marketing experts, strategy, and budget, Google Ads are a great investment that has the potential to see immediate results.

“The same day you start your campaign you can start seeing clicks on your website. Once we’ve gathered enough data on clicks and see some conversions – about 14-30 days – we can shift to focusing only on the highest quality leads.” – Hayden, Manager of Google Services 

FAQ: How do I make my product go viral?

Making a product go viral doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a deep understanding of your audience and analyzing the most effective strategies. User-generated content (UGC) is the latest and greatest key for products to take off.

“UGC is a powerful tool for promoting your product on social media. Encourage your customers to share photos, videos, and reviews of your product on social media platforms, and reshare the best content on your own channels.” – Jessi, Content Strategist

FAQ: Is it better to hire a marketing agency or do it myself?

Hiring a marketing agency is the best way to run effective campaigns with professional expertise and resources. 

C Squared Social’s in-house marketing experts are ready to help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

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