How to Leverage Omnichannel Marketing During the Holidays

We won’t keep you waiting too long for one of the best tactics for holiday advertising: it’s omnichannel marketing. Consumers are constantly on the move and ready to make purchases on the go, making it crucial to meet customers wherever they are. In fact, omnichannel shoppers have about 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel. 

Omnichannel marketing offers an integrated and streamlined shopping experience for customers across all marketing channels. Whether the customer is using mobile or desktop, in-store or on a website, everything is optimized for a seamless experience. Today’s consumers expect a cohesive shopping experience when connecting with your brand across platforms that is thoroughly developed and refined. 

Touchpoints are no longer a single point of contact – it’s part of a holistic view of the customer journey. Omnichannel marketing allows you to understand specific patterns, what drives purchases, and how to optimize strategies. Additionally, 73% of consumers prefer to shop across several channels and marketers using at least three channels saw an 18.96% engagement rate – nearly four times as much as single channel marketers. 

The driving force behind the efforts and effectiveness of omnichannel marketing is putting the consumer experience at the forefront of the purchase journey. By providing different channels and opportunities to present a purchase opportunity, you stay top-of-mind when it’s time to make a decision and connect with customers at their convenience. 

Omnichannel marketing is considered best practice year-round, and it packs the most punch during the holidays when shoppers are ready to spend big. Why wouldn’t customers feel more inclined to keep hitting “add to cart” when a channel is optimized for a seamless shopping experience? Creating a journey that exceeds expectations pays off with 84% of companies reporting an increase in revenue when they prioritize the customer experience. 

Expert tips for creating the best holiday shopping experience:

  1. Update your website design to include holiday colors, calls to action, eye-catching imagery, and multimedia elements. 
  2. Personalize the experience through email messaging that addresses the customer by name, and sending promotions based on purchase history. Personalized shopping recommendations influenced 92% of shoppers online. 
  3. Make gifting easy by breaking gifts down into budget brackets, hobbies, and demographics. Being able to include a gift message further allows the consumer to give a personalized gift. 
  4. Add details and photos to product pages to ensure customers have as much information as possible. Include dimensions, weight, material, and color options to paint the full picture. 
  5. Highlight gift cards! Who doesn’t love a gift card?
  6. Provide clear shipping information, and consider offering discounts if customers abandon their cart. 
  7. Offer more ways for customers to get their holiday purchases including curbside or in-store pickup.  

If there’s one thing in-season, it’s omnichannel marketing. From email marketing to targeted advertising, C Squared Social can execute effective omnichannel marketing strategies to exceed your holiday revenue goals. 

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