Is Evergreen Content a Part of Your SEO Strategy? It Should Be.


Content is an investment – it’s a fact in the marketing world. The difference between content that is relevant for a day, week, or month and evergreen content is often whether a successful SEO strategy has been implemented. Evergreen content retains relevance long after it is first published. Because evergreen content is optimized for search, it continues to drive traffic months and years down the line. Both of-the-moment content and evergreen content are crucial to a business’s website, but let’s specifically explore how timeless content can improve your marketing strategy.

SEO is a HUGE piece of the marketing puzzle in just about any business with an online presence. To quickly sum it up, SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process that uses keywords or phrases to find your content and bring it up on major search engines like Google. The quality of your SEO allows your content to rank higher on search engines and therefore leads to a higher number of visits to your website. 

That is why having evergreen content in itself is not enough. It must have quality keywords and phrases, but also be carefully written. For example, Google can detect when high-ranking keywords are thrown into sites just to force themselves higher on a search page, and they often penalize it and lower your SEO rating. In other words, spend the time making sure your content is well-rounded with both great SEO, but also great information that is easily understandable to your target audience.

Evergreen content is also helpful on particular platforms like Pinterest. When viewers are scanning through boards and pins on their feed, the majority of those content pieces are not going away anytime soon. They may be timely, like Halloween treat recipes, but they aren’t going to disappear. This type of content is great because it draws another audience and it creates a community. That same audience can then rely on that content to still be there when they need to go back to it. With Pinterest, they can also re-pin those articles and you get another form of marketing that’s free to you! Not only is your material out there, but other people are sharing it with their friends.

And lastly, once you create that piece of evergreen content, you don’t have to touch it again. It’s a piece of work that will stick around and continue to generate new visits to your website!

So before diving into the deep end of evergreen content and organic marketing, make sure to do your research, and invest time and even money into your content to make sure it’s seamless, has the right keywords, and uses them in a mindful way.

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