Pinterest Shopping: Where New Favorites are Discovered


Pinterest is all about trying out new things: new recipes, new decorations, new outfits, and more. In fact, 80% of Pinners discover a new brand or product on the website or app every week. That’s why Pinterest shopping is so influential. People are searching for the new and exciting pieces they aren’t finding in the current ads they’re seeing. Advertising and adding your products on Pinterest can open up a whole new market for your brand.

Why advertise with Pinterest?

According to Pinterest, 97% of their top searches are unbranded. If you’re shopping for a brand-specific item, let’s say a Nike hoodie, where are you going to look? Most people would check out a Nike store, a sporting goods store, a department store, etc. When looking for something more generic, say a fuzzy winter sweater, there are far more websites to browse. Pinterest is a great hub for searches like this. Shoppers look for inspiration on Pinterest’s aesthetically-pleasing feeds before making a purchase. According to Pinterest, users are willing to spend twice as much on Pinterest compared to other social media platforms each month. 

How do you get started?

Pinterest has a couple different ways to upload your products onto the site. You can either upload each of your products individually or you can sync up your store catalog with Pinterest and set it to update every 24 hours. Your Pinterest catalog can be customized to show sale prices, free shipping offers, and more. You can find all the directions here. Once you are set up, shoppers will be able to find your products and easily follow the pin to a link that will take them directly to the product on your page.

What does it look like from the shopper’s perspective?

On Pinterest, shoppers can find products on both the home page just by scrolling through their feed or through the shopping tab, where they can focus strictly on items for sale. From there you can refine it down to home decor, fashion, DIY – the list goes on. There’s a place for just about anything on Pinterest shopping. Another quality found in shopping on Pinterest is some pin’s images have tags that will lead you to find similar products for sale. For example, when you come across an outfit you want while searching “women’s fashion,” simply click the tags on the photo for the shirt and several other similar shirts for sale will pop up to browse through. 

According to Pinterest, searches for products on the site or app have increased by 20x, and the number of Pinners engaging with the shopping side of it has more than tripled just over the past year! Shopping on Pinterest is like browsing through a street full of boutiques. Everything is unique and special. This is where people go to find products they aren’t finding elsewhere and can discover new favorite places to shop.

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