Supercharge Your Workflow With These AI Tools



AI is paving the way for a revolutionary approach to transform productivity, accuracy, and access to information. From simplifying Excel to acting as a virtual companion, AI programs are a must-have in every marketer’s toolkit. Check out these effective and efficient tools!

Let’s Make Life Easier

Never skim through endless pages again with AskYourPDF. Powered by ChatGPT, you can submit prompts like, “What is this document about?” It can effectively analyze and summarize text to simplify the content in an easily digestible way. Whether you’re sifting through a lengthy financial report or powering through an assigned reading, AskYourPDF is for everyone.

With a similar format as Google, Perplexity AI is a speedy search engine that scours the internet for an accurate answer. Perplexity AI distills information from various sources to provide a summarized response rather than a list. From checking out the weather forecast to an explanation of the meaning of life, Perplexity AI is the future of search engines. 

With comprehensive and current insights, Wizdom is your personal research assistant. Developed with a focus on science, it’s an all-encompassing tool for research, trends, and more. As a natural language processing platform, you can enter the topic of interest and it’ll procure various insights from citation trends to publication activity. 

Work smarter and faster with the tool that understands your goal without the formula. Simply type a command, and it proposes the Excel formula you’ve been searching for. You can even ask questions and generate charts for simplified insight. It works with Google Sheets, too!

Meet Pi, your personal AI. Pi is designed to be a helpful and supportive companion enabled to offer friendly advice in a casual forum. Approachable and casual, Pi could be your new work friend.


The evolution of AI is making the workplace more dynamic and efficient. Whether you’ve been recently acquainted with ChatGPT or your bookmarks are filled with various AI tools, give some of these a try and see how they change the way you work. 

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