We Made the Switch to Figma (You Should, Too)


In the world of UX/UI, Figma is one of the latest and greatest tools. Released in 2016, Figma’s collaborative web-based design is a user-friendly, accessible tool UX/UI designers love. It allows users to create, share, and test designs for websites, apps, and other digital products through the cloud-based platform. Unlike other web design products, multiple people are able to work on the same project at the same time – making Figma the ultimate tool for productivity and real-time collaboration. 

“Switching to Figma has been wonderful for our clients and our internal teams. Clients are able to view and interact with the design as if it were a real site. They can also leave comments directly on the design so gathering feedback is simple. Internally, Figma has made collaborating across teams simple and has more tools that our designer can use to make wireframes come to life with animations and movement.” – Katherine, UX Designer

In an increasingly mobile world, Figma has the flexibility to showcase the presentation on various devices and screen sizes. Its auto layout feature automatically adjusts sizes and positions based on the content they contain and streamline the process for complex layouts. 

Prototyping is crucial to the success of UX/UI designs and allows a site to be showcased in its entirety without being published. Figma recognized the need for practical prototyping tools, and their functionality is exactly what designers dream of. In fact, it’s the leading tool for prototyping with 54% UX/UI users. 

“Figma works great as a versatile design tool, fostering collaborative workflows and establishing high-fidelity creations with efficient prototyping. It’s a very user-friendly platform for everyone involved in the design process.” – Kaethe, UX/UI Designer

Designing a website is no easy feat, and Figma understands the process. Their virtual whiteboard tool, FigJam, is the perfect place to brainstorm, build, and coordinate ideas all in one place. A simplified version of Figma, FigJam allows you to use text, shapes, drawings, images, and other elements to create the basics of your work of art. Even if you’re not a professional UX/UI designer, you can explore FigJam for free! 

Unlike other design platforms, you can make Figma unique to you. Designers can add plugins to work as efficiently as possible with that enhanced functionality. Every designer has a unique approach and Figma’s interface nurtures that creativity. 

“Figma has been a game changer in our design process! Its robust tools and features make creating prototypes faster than ever. Maintaining a design system is easy and allows our website mockups to remain consistent across every page.” – Hannah, Junior UX/UI Designer
Wholeheartedly endorsed by C Squared Social’s UX/UI team, Figma is our choice for website design. From the brainstorming process to the finished product, it allows our designers to make visually stunning and user-friendly websites that wow. Curious about leveling up your website? We have industry experts ready to create something magical.

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