What Are the Benefits of Programmatic Advertising and Why Should it be a Key Part of Your Marketing Strategy?


By Emilia Crail

C Squared Social

Programmatic…what? You may have heard about it but never really understood what it is or why it’s a key component of a marketing media mix. Or this might be the first time you’ve heard the term. Either way, we’ll help you learn how programmatic can be an effective strategy for your business. 

Programmatic advertising shows up wherever you access media: podcasts, videos, streaming, social media, websites, and more. 

It’s the process of automatically buying and selling digital ad space. Before programmatic advertising, ordering, setting up, and analytics had to be carried out manually. Now, the process is streamlined, making it more effective and efficient to buy ad space. Any formats and channels can be accessed programmatically, thanks to the power of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) that have built out their ad inventory and databases. 

Programmatic media buying is now among the fastest-growing segments in advertising – and the future is seemingly limitless. Today, two-thirds of digital display spending and 85% of all U.S. digital advertising is programmatic. That represents over $80 billion a year on ad spend.

One of the main benefits is that programmatic advertising helps businesses make data-driven decisions, thus increasing the return on investment. Because you can see results in real-time, you will only spend money on what you know will be effective. You can measure the success of campaigns in real-time based on your target campaign goals. 

The targeting capabilities within programmatic buying are a key part of why it can be so effective. You can choose the platforms and devices and layer on data to make sure your ads are hitting your ideal audience. For example, a desktop ad might not have the same impact as displaying on mobile devices and tablets. The advanced AI technology within these programmatic platforms will make those types of buying decisions for you, taking the guesswork out of your marketing. 

Wherever you are in the planning process of your digital marketing strategy, programmatic is certainly worth strong consideration. From automated tools to robust targeting and reporting, programmatic offers countless benefits for those businesses who are willing to pivot in a new direction.  

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