What is Brand Research?


Brand research is an imperative piece of the digital marketing puzzle. It’s an ongoing process that helps you curate a brand that is strong and distinctive in a competitive market. When you’re looking for ways to leverage your assets and convert your audience, there are questions you need to ask and answer first.

Have you identified your research goals? Before starting your research, pinpoint what you’re hoping to gain from this process. This enables you to focus on the right questions and get the most valuable information from your research.

Do you understand your target audience? It’s most likely that you do, but knowing who your target audience is and understanding what they need to interact with your brand will help you keep your research on the right track. Organic social engagement, email conversions, and ad reach are good places to start understanding your target audience even more.

Did you analyze the competition? If you haven’t taken this step yet, this is your sign to do it! Having a pulse on what your competitors are doing and how they market themselves gives you the opportunity to leverage your brand most effectively.

What does the data say? Hopefully you’ve been collecting helpful data from your audience in the form of surveys, focus groups, or other methods. If you haven’t, it’s okay, we’ll wait… Awesome, you’re back! Now that you have your data, you can draw meaningful conclusions. Whether you use statistical methods or qualitative data analysis techniques is up to you as long as you gain insight from the exercise. 

What now? You’ve answered all of your questions, and you’ve done your due diligence. It’s time to take the next step based on your findings. This can take a number of forms from brand strategy to product or service development to marketing campaigns. Depending on what you found throughout your research, you know where to take action. 

Now that you understand the brand research process, you should ask yourself a final question: who is an agency you can trust to conduct it on your behalf? The answer is simple! C Squared Social completes thorough brand research as part of the Blueprint process for every business. Explore our Blueprint packages and find the right one for you and your brand today. 

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